If you have been impacted by this video and would like to talk to someone about it, then the St. John’s Church team based in Stoke-on-Trent are on hand to listen and commune with our heavenly Father with you and on your behalf. Say’s Lydia, “We are free to answer questions through our Facebook message inbox. If anyone has had difficulties with the occult and would like advise or prayer, or/and if you want to know more about Jesus, then one of our admins will be happy to listen and talk.”


You can find St. Johns Facebook page by following this link:

Immediately below, you will find four brief videos of less than a minute each explaining the concept of “The 4 Points”.

Below each video, you will find a YouTube link containing a video that more deeply unpacks each ‘Point’

in a relevant way, which helps Youth connect in particular.

Click on the golden words to be taken to the website, where you can find stories of lives transformed.


“This is an invitation to go on a spiritual journey. For anyone searching for faith.
For anyone interested in knowing more about Jesus. For anyone needing God’s help right now.
We believe that anyone, from any walk of life, would benefit from coming a step closer to Jesus Christ.”
William Porter, Beacon House Of Prayer, Stoke-on-Trent


There is an easy 8 step booklet exploring the person of Jesus, which you can obtain. To learn more and to get a copy, go to 

The Beacon House of Prayer are very happy to listen, counsel and pray with you.

You can call them on 01782 827238.

To watch all 8 short videos, go to


If you would like to respond and talk to Jesus right now,
then you can! You can commune, or ‘pray’ to Him anytime! If you would like Jesus, the Light of the world to come into the heart of your life, then say something along the lines of this to Him:

“Thank you Jesus that you died on the cross for me. Thank you that you took all my sin, all my shame; all the things I’ve done wrong; all the guilt i carry all the things i regret. You took all the pain that’s in my heart when you were nailed to that cross. You took all the pain that’s in my body. You took all the sicknesses, diseases and infirmities. So I say that I want to give you my life. Thank you that you died on the cross and you rose again from the grave! You have defeated all the power of the Devil! Please, come into me and fill me with your Holy Spirit and Your holy light, Jesus, Prince of Peace.
Jesus, the returning King and reigning champion.
Lord Jesus, please walk right into my body!
And i tell every evil spirit to leave me now, in the Name of Jesus. I am no longer in the kingdom of darkness, but I’m in the kingdom of Light. I’m in God’s family. In Jesus Name amen!


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