Parousia is a feature track-video about the return of ‘The Ultimate Dragon Slayer’.

We follow the story of one person’s choice to succumb to the power of the ‘dark arts’ and the consequences that lie in wait to claim her.

Interweaved throughout we see how the visible world meets the invisible, witnessing the torment and battle for the soul of the individual at stake.

Seeing the character’s final outcome, Parousia communicates an interlocking truth between the seen and unseen realities,

pointing to a very real event that is both present and sealed in the future…


Embroidered within the now and the not-yet, is One who possesses the powers of all heros, heroines and villans put together…
His power goes beyond Infinity and He needs no ornaments to aid Him in his task of defeating the rulers of darkness.


He is mighty to slay and mighty to save.

The question is, who will you choose?


Get ready for Parousia


Unofficially rated 12A due to containing mild scenes of horror.


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