“All who like creepiness listen to me, there is a day that’s to come shortly,

It is a time both troublesome and free, listen, oh listen, oh listen to me!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Moan… Moan… Moan… Moan…

Jesus is coming back, coming back soon. Are you ready? He may come at noon!

Oh the timing – none of us know, we must be ready for when Father says,

Go! Go! Go! Go! To His Son

Check out the One who has won –

Jesus… Friend or foe? Friend or foe?

Do you wanna be a winner? Or do you want to be a loser?

He is Love, He is Life Everlasting.”

Parousia is a 444hz recording, written, composed and arranged by Trace Taylor (

Produced by Sony award winning producer Shaun Lowe of Prism Studios, Stoke-on-Trent.

Cinematographer and Co-Editor: Tim Elsey (additional footage from
Copyright © 2020, Trace Taylor.

Concept Wormholes

A Testimonial by Theo Elsey

In the 1970’s as a young man I travelled extensively through the Southern States of America. The first place I came to and stayed for several weeks was the town of Galax in south west Virginia, boarding with North Carolina. The area is famous for two things, it’s outstanding natural beauty being right up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and secondly, it’s rich culture of folk and early country music, also termed as “Mountain Music”.

I came into Galax by bus and took a room at an old wood boarded guest house. The month was July in the midst of a heat wave, with temperature soaring in the high 90’s Fahrenheit. Unaccustomed to such hot and humid weather I suffered a great deal, especially at night. There were strict house rules in the place where I stayed, one rule being that no windows or doors were to remain open after 9.00 p.m. I could have coped with that if there had been air conditioning, but this was an old building with no such luxuries. One night I could not breathe, literally, and so I drew my last breath and died. 

I then had an extraordinary out of body experience and spiritually entered into another realm. I was lifted up into a dark room… I looked down and could see my lifeless body on the bed, but I couldn’t get back to it. At this point I realised that I must have died, but wondered what I was to do next. In the corner of this dark room I spotted just a pin prick of light and so I advanced towards it. Suddenly, it fully consumed me and I found myself being transported through a tunnel, or ‘wormhole’. To my right side I could look out and see that I was passing through our galaxy! I vaguely recognised familiar planets and stars. Then I entered a period of more darkness for a while until breaking out into a vision of another galaxy, this time an unknown one. It was impossible to define the appearance of the planets and star formations of this new galaxy, due to the speed of my travel. Everything was blurred, but still I knew that it was there. I left that galaxy behind and entered another moment of darkness, only to find myself heading straight towards a third galaxy!

My fast-speed tour of passing through -and also on the edge- of three galaxies came to an abrupt halt and I suddenly found myself bobbing up and down in a ‘sea of tranquillity’. Oh this was such a wonderful happy place to be! I was swimming in a sea with a multitude of soft pastel colours and everything was in no less than 4 dimensions. To this day, this is the happiest place I have ever been and at this point, I had not even confessed Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I did, however, have a Christian upbringing and knew enough to realise the sea I was cradled in was the Crystal Sea mentioned in the Bible, from the book of Revelation (Rev 4:6). In a similar way to the beginning of my experience when I was compelled to move towards that tiny pin prick of light, now with even more intrigue, I found myself compelled to swim to the shore of this beautiful celestial sea. The Golden Shore… Heaven! I had not been swimming for long before I was approached by an angel of the Lord who told me these words, “Stop! You cannot proceed any further. You are right in believing this is the way to heaven, but this is not your time. Return, for your mother has been praying for you”. In an instant I found myself back in my body drawing breath easily, my health fully restored and feeling very much alive. 

When I returned to the UK, I had the chance to share this experience with my mother. She had kept a prayer diary and showed me the entry on the day that I had my out of body experience. Her entry expressed the need to pray fervently for her son, that there was an immediate need for her prayer! Some years later when I gave my life fully over to the Lord Jesus, I began to read the Bible in a new light. It was then that I understood so much more about my experience. You see, I believed in God, but had not fully realised that we can only come to God through Jesus Christ. In the gospel of John, chapter 14 verse 6, Jesus says, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. That’s why the angel stopped me. I was perilously close to losing my life -my soul- eternally, because I didn’t believe in the name of Jesus at that time. Oh, what joy lies ahead in knowing that next time I will have my passport in hand, the true passport to Heaven! The red covered passport, which symbolises the blood of Christ shed for me at the cross of Calvary. This passport is a full proclamation of my faith and belief that Jesus is my Saviour; that He died for me a sinner, so I might have my sins forgiven and enter eternal life. Thank you Jesus! 

…This experience happened around 45 years ago.
There are other accounts of similar phenomenon involving pilots and sea captains of aircraft, ships and submarines, who have experienced time warp, that is, where their voyages have skipped sometimes up to a hundred miles, virtually in zero time! You can find such accounts on the internet. The encounters of these men and their crews are further evidence of portals that defy time as we know it. A whole ship and it’s crew who do not die in the physical, but none-the-less find themselves teleported within seconds to a remote location… Can this really be? I can understand how the spirit can fly through time, but matter, well that’s another thing altogether.
There is a quote from a book called “Beyond the Bermuda Triangle” by Bruce Gernon and Rob MacGregga that I would like to cite, for it resonates with my own experience. From the chapter entitled “Space-Time Warps”, I quote the following: “Imagine part of the universe as U-shaped. To get from the top of one side to the top of the other would require going down one side, then up the other. But a wormhole would go directly across the top of the U, a much shorter distance, resulting in a leap of space and time”.
It took me some time to get to that beautiful crystal sea, despite the feeling of travelling faster than the speed of light. I would liken it to traveling “the U” that Gernon and MacGregga write about. However the return journey back into my body was much quicker, through another even faster wormhole. I deduce that I crossed “the U” in an instant!
The impact of my experience has shaped my life ever since. It’s something that is present with me all the time, an experience that I can never forget. It has fine tuned me to spot things in the supernatural more easily. You could say that my spiritual radar is on and sweeping constantly! I see it as a gift from our Creator God. I cannot hide any of this away as my own private thought and belief, for it is my inner conviction that the Lord Jesus is using me to pass this on to whomever will hear. It’s God’s gift not only to me, but for humanity. Any spiritual wisdom that you yourself may be touched by in reading my story today, then please, please pass it on! It is a gift from our loving Creator.
Talking about ‘the gift’ reminds me of the name my parents gave me from birth -Theo. It is an abbreviation of my full name Theodore and it’s meaning is traced to it’s Greek origin, “God’s Gift”. Little did my parents know of the prophetic move they made in choosing this name for me! I was spoken over to be a vessel, to pass on the Glorious News -the “Good News of Glad Tidings” the angels sang to the shepherds, as they pronounced the birth of the new born King- that Heaven awaits for all who will believe in Jesus’ name and receive His gift of salvation, sealed by His blood at the Cross of Calvary.
For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world,
that He [even] gave His [One and] only begotten Son,
so that whoever believes and trusts in Him [as Savior]
shall not perish,
but have eternal life.
(John 3:16 AMP)

Concept Art

“The Meaning Of Shalom… To destroy the authority attached to Chaos.”

~ Sketch by Joe Martin.

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